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Perth Harbour
Invest in Perth
Perth Harbour


Q: Does my project need to be a new project? 

A: No, we will support existing projects or services to grow or develop. 

Q: My organisation is not a charity, can I apply? 

A: We will consider applications from non-profit organisations if you meet our eligibility, please visit the following link.

Q: What can I spend the award on? 

A: You can spend the award on any reasonable items that ensure the delivery of your project or service. 

Q. Is there an opportunity to apply for more than £1,000? 

A. No. 

Q. Is there any criteria on the size of organisation that can apply (no. of employees, turnover etc.)? 

A. We will give preference to organisations with a turnover of £250,000 or less. 

Q. My organisation plans to work in partnership with another organisation in a different area, is this allowed? 

A. Yes. However, the lead organisation is responsible for delivering the project and adhering to the governance of the Terms of Award document. 

Q. My organisation hopes to apply for capital works, can I apply? 

A. No. We will support organisations delivering projects and activities that directly benefit and engage with people. 

Q. Can we spend an award on items we have already purchased? 

A. No, you cannot use an award to pay for anything you have already purchased. You will be asked to evidence your spend which must be from the date we make you an award offer and spent within 12 months. 

Q. Can you share an example of how you would expect us to minimise our waste or reduce our carbon reductions? 

A. We hope you can find ways to minimise the environmental footprint of your project. For example, if your project involves travel, can you make use of public transport rather than vehicles? This question is not scored. However, if successful, we will ask you to tell us how you met your commitment. 

Q. Our organisation received an award from the Perth Harbour Community Fund last year, can we reapply? 

A. Yes.